Acoustic guitars


Chitarre Lessinia


Light Bracing


I build acoustic guitars with light bracing.They are designed to be able to vibrate a lot with thin, low-tension strings. This makes them able to perform well in a responsive way while maintaining an easy and comfortable playability, without necessarily having to resort to higher gauges and tensions.

structured sides

Fasce Strutturate

This construction method requires more time but it gives greater mass and structural stability to the sides. They absorb less energy from the soundboard so to leave it free to vibrate more and longer (greater sustain).

0 fret

Tasto 0

The 0-fret provides optimal action at the nut so to increase both the comfort and the intonation of the fingerboard in first positions.



In my guitars I use non-toxic, thin and easy to apply finishes. This ensures that the vibrations of the soundboard are not dampened. The process is not extremely time-consuming and therefore less costly for the customer. These finishes are not as resistant as the industrial ones, especially if applied to soft woods such as spruce. They have the advantage of aging well, in case you want to leave the signs of normal usage on the guitar, or they can be easily restored.

Acoustic guitars Models

00R - Rustica Model

The 00R-Rustica is a small but versatile guitar. Despite its small size and the construction of the body in a single wood, the sound is not “boxed”, but free and resonant, so to allow the instrument to be used with satisfaction both for strumming and for fingerstyle.

The sides, back and soundboard are made in Lessinia Chestnut, the neck in Cherry while the fretboard and bridge in Walnut.

Completely unadorned, this guitar invokes a sense of simplicity and lightness, while open pore grain of the chestnut gives an essential and solid aesthetic.

The sound is very balanced and easily manageable, with less present bass than the 00F-Foresta model.

Chitarre Lessinia - 00R Rustica

from 1240€

00F - Foresta Model

The 00F-Foresta is the sophisticated sister of the 00R-Rustica: well, no mother-of-pearl, abalone or rare wood for its decorations, simply a black and cherry purfling both for the edges and for the rosette… but that’s enough for her! Sometimes it takes little to have an extra touch of elegance.
The back and sides are built in Cherry, while the soundboard, the guitar engine, is made with Val di Fiemme Red Spruce, one of the most renowned spruces for the construction of musical instruments. The spruce I use comes from the Paneveggio Forest, an enchanted place from which even Antonio Stradivari got his supplies of wood for his violins.

The spruce soundboard gives a boost to almost every aspect of the sound by making it open and rich. The volume is also slightly higher than the 00R-Rustica.

Chitarre Lessinia - 00F Foresta

from 1440€